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How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Templates

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How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Templates

How to Write a Recommendation Letter with Templates – The Recommendation Letter is an essential part in order to obtain some scholarships, as you must request writing the letter from one of the supervisors in your field of study, career or volunteer, and the aim of the letter is to show the opinion of the author of the letter about your work and your personality and what you achieved during your presence with him and recommend you.

You can request a letter of recommendation from one of the university professors who supervised your teaching during your time at the university, who knows you and knows your academic activity and some about your personality, and in turn, he writes a letter of recommendation in which he explains some details about your academic activities and university life in general and recommends you from this perspective. You may be asked to write the letter yourself to only sign and stamp it.

Recommendation Letter

The form of the recommendation letter

There is no basic form approved by all applicants so that it can vary from one student to another student, but it is better to write the name and location of the university where you studied and on the opposite side write the information that relates to the doctor who will recommend you “name, phone number, email where The grant administration will communicate with the academic through him, the date the letter was written.

It is always preferable that the language of the letter is English or the language of the country in which you wish to study. The letter must be of a clear language and official formulation as academic as possible, and written in professional form and image because it will reflect a picture of you even if it was not you who wrote it.

The content of the recommendation letter

  • Discuss the most important capabilities and positives of the applicant.
  • Description of the applicant’s qualifications and skills related to the scholarship or job.
  • The recommendation of the applicant.

In general, the author of the letter should introduce you to your full name and then mention the field in which you are known and show your distinction in that field from all aspects, whether academic or social, through your interaction with colleagues and supervisors.

All knowledge, skills and abilities related to the author must be demonstrated. Some comparisons can be made to demonstrate your capabilities in a framework of distinction from other colleagues. For example, “the student (the name of the student) graduated at a rate in which he exceeded the rates of the rest of his colleagues in the major, the seminars that the student undertook are rich and more distinct than others … etc”.

You can add courses that your academic has taught you and mention your average in these courses “excellent – very good”. But not necessarily. You can alert the doctor who writes the letter to you to start the message in general and every paragraph in it with strong expressions and phrases indicating student activity and distinction.

Conclusion of the letter

Care must be taken to close the message in a positive way that motivates the grant administration to accept the applicant and contact him, for example, “For all these reasons this person will succeed in studying at your university, adding a lot to the field … etc.”, and then the doctor will greet and mention his name with the signature and seal in Another message.

In the end when you ask any academic person to write a recommendation letter about you, it must first be a complete picture of your personal life, experiences and skills in front of the person who will write about you, in some cases the student writes the recommendation letter himself and then the doctor or academic person only signs and stamps it.

Recommendation Letter Templates

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